The Piña Colada Hard Collar

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Fine, thin, dreamy soft, salt-washed, organic, jersey cotton. Tonal collar stand and placket contrast for just a touch of swank. Vintage-Tiki textile collar and placket art designed to fade over time for a legendary vintage look. Our best Hard Collar to date.


    • Soft jersey pima cotton
    • Pure white shirt body
    • Tonal contrast asphalt detail
    • Tiki-textile collar and placket art


    • True-to-size with a little extra room for machine-wash shrinkage (if desired)
    • Tailored and tapered for a modern, classy look on men of all body types
    • Size chart in photo carousel below


    • Wash delicately, inside out, in cold water and hang to dry
    • Iron low/gently or steam to remove wrinkles
    • *Dry cleaning or laundering with heat will fade and shrink the garment
    • Nation Golf does not assume responsibility for improper care